Karaoke Didactics

I have for the whole length of my career been fond of writing rhymes about the topics which I teach. These rhymes I use during my lessons as "Fill the missing word" tests. After each playful test, however, we make clear the correct answers by singing, and dancing (this is how we understand mobile learning), according to karaoke-style videos which I personally have produced.

Here is a link to one of the videos on my YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/1VMLAxi

Please, note that the rhymes here are extremely long and demanding. I only accept such complete matches where just the very first letter of the rhyme word is to be replaced.

Each of the verses gets heard twice. The first round serves as a melody model for the students. They are supposed to sing along during the latter round. You too, try your best and have fun, please!

Finnish is a language, which is very fruitful for this kind of verbalism. Even if not understanding one single word, I suppose one is able to notice and enjoy some of the happiness and humor these songs contain.