Protein Synthesis, video lecture

At the time when the very first cellular phones with a video camera came to the market I began immediately my own production of DIY low tech video-lectures. Here, as an example, is a link to my lecture about the structure of DNA and how the genes work. This lecture can be found also in Second Life on the
High Gene area of the Sotunki Upper Secondary School.
The phone which I used was actually the Nokia N95, published in the autumn 2006. My warmest thanks for this innovative product to the whole Nokia-team of those days!

And here is a genetically oriented Karaoke-funk about the same topic. This is in Finnish, hi-hii!
It is highly recommended to sing karaoke while dancing on the "genetic" dance floor at the Sotunki High Gene area in Second Life ; )

Each of the verses gets heard twice. The first round serves as a melody model for the students, and possibly for you too. Please, sing along during the latter round! And have fun!